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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Way of Giving Back to Society


The Cheese Mall

10% of all profits from The Cheese Mall book will go to a wonderful charity called Love Shack which helps to educate street children in Kenya. It is our hope that one day one of these children will have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.  Beacon Coaching Consultancy is proud to be one of the support companies for this programme.

Junior Achievement Ireland

Junior Achievement Ireland encourages young people to remain in education and teaches them the skills they need to succeed in a changing world. With 24% of students dropping out of school without a Leaving Certificate Junior Achievement need the help of business role models as a connection to the world of work.

Together with their 3,000 business volunteers from 150 supporting organisations, they have reached 65,000 primary and secondary school students nationwide in 2009/10. Creating a culture of enterprise in the schools system, from Senior Infants to Leaving Certificate class, Junior Achievement programmes use hands-on activities to help young people understand the economics of life.  Beacon Coaching Consultancy is proud to be one of the support companies for this programme.

Ready For Work - Business in the Community

Ready for Work is one of Ireland’s most innovative social programmes. It offers work placements to people affected by homelessness. The programme was developed to tackle the direct causes and consequences of homelessness in a dynamic way.

This is carried out by working with service providers and business partners to provide homeless people with 2 days of training and a two week placement within a company, with follow up support provided by Training & Employment Officers and voluntary Job Coaches from the business sector. The training was devised specifically for marginalized groups and centres on visualization, motivation, action plans and change. Beacon Coaching Consultancy is proud to be one of the support companies for this programme.

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Her ability to connect with each business owner, by addressing each person's unique talents and specific needs, was absolutely incredible. Bernie was 100% reliable and always gave constructive.....

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