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What Other People are saying about The Cheese Mall

The Cheese Mall by Bernie Tracey is a must for budding entrepreneurs! It shows you how to go about starting your own business in a sensible step by step method and it demystifies all jargon!

Senator Feargal Quinn

Book Reviews

Review by: Samuli Taponen, Finland, October 30, 2012 :ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview   

The Cheese Mall book really has a practical approach to classic marketing management and business starting theories. The best part is, that it captured so well the dialogue between two to-be entrepreneurs and showed the importance of sharing their thoughts with one another. And I really liked the ending but I am not going to spoil it for you as you have to read it yourself. I will certainly be passing this book to my friends for further reading and I believe that it would make an impact if it was translated into different languages someday.  I also think it would be great for schools to share the 'easy to read' knowledge of entrepreneurship.

Review by:  Evelyn Murphy, September 5, 2012 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview   
Today  the world of business there are countless books written on entrepreneurship that the mind simply boggles. Bernie has managed to take on the "demystify" the information on new business start-up by writing this simple no-nonsense guide in a very engaging manner. I particularly enjoyed the fact that it wasn't bogged down with technical jargon and heavy reading. It is a novel approach to use the scenario of two young mice setting up The Cheese Mall shop in a world where cheese is plentiful. This could easily be any business model today. The book then goes on to illustrate where Millie and Matthew had to overcome the various obstacles to get The Cheese Mall up and running. This involves a lot of hard work for them both and this is made very realistic as we proceed through each chapter in a factual and concise manner. They have their doubts and their up's and down's.  Bernie has so much advice to give from her many years experience in her capacity as a Business Coach and Mentor and it is wonderful to see this in print.  

Review by:  Jim Nolan, May 1, 2012 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview                     
Looking at it first I said this book has been written by someone who writes for kids, the size of the font and the cover. But I must say Bernie really understands and demystifies the whole start up process. And even though they are mice you are hoping they get there and open The Cheese Mall. From the Business Plan to Marketing to SWOT Analysis to Branding and Goal objectives. She has achieved in 74 pages what other authors would take 300 pages to explain. A very simple and insightful book, well done Bernie.

Review by:  Una Hearne, Feb, 15 2012 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview                     
Brilliant book!  I am recommending it to everyone.  What I love about it is how it demystifies all those scary terms; Marketing Strategy; Business Plan; Financials and Branding.  It has changed the feeling these words give me - from forbidding to friendly.  I'm thinking (and stunned to be thinking like this) 'oh yeah, I get it, I can do that'!  While the author makes it all very simple and logical I was left in no doubt about the hard work involved and the importance of all of these areas for a business.  Genuinely inspiring and empowering.  Thank you for writing it!

Review by:  Tom Doyle Jan, 31, 2012  : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview                      
This is a great 'go to' book for anyone starting a business or indeed anyone encountering difficulty reconciling where they are at in business at any time in their business cycle.  I read The Cheese Mall at a time when I was putting my business concept together for my new venture I have to say it was worth the effort to get up at 4.00 am in the morning after I read the book, proceeding to write down all the thoughts that were in my head for its organisation and development.  What an inspirational read.  The way the book is written I believe provides the reader with a more user friendly example of working things out for oneself.

Review by: Mary Riordain on Aug. 19, 2011 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
The Cheese Mall is a fantastic read - at last I can properly understand all of those slightly baffling marketing phrases. This book is clear, concise and manages to hold your interest from start to finish. The characters are a wonderful idea allowing the author to introduce a refreshing look at setting up your own business. This book is a must for anyone setting up their own business and also for anyone with an interest in studying business.

Review by: Barbara Dignam on Aug. 18, 2011 :ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
The Cheese Mall is a really worhtwhile read for anyone considering setting themselves up in business for the first time. It's an amusing short story that packs a mountain of essential information into a very small volume. It's a bit like an MP3 file, where all the dross has been filtered out and you're just left with the substance. So if you ever ponder the possibiities of exporting sand to Arabia and before you get a bit giddy with your idea, you would do well to sit down for half an hour and read through this amazing little book.

Review by: Nikki Daly on Aug. 16, 2011 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
This book is such a great read. It's step by step approach is easy to understand and to follow. The characters Matthew and Millie are a great idea. I found myself following their journey all the way to the end (which I am not about to give away). A great read for anyone who is interested in setting up a business. It's simple approach would also make this an ideal book for students.

Review by: Roslyn Hickey on Aug. 14, 2011 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
This is a wonderfully accessible, informative and highly readable marketing tool. It is ideal for the budding/starting-up entrepreneur who needs an easy to read, no-nonsense handbook which clearly explains the core principles, strategies and vocabulary of marketing. It more than delivers on its promise to explain the, 'Key Marketing Skills for the Budding Entrepreneur'. I generally find thralling through business books a 'painful slog'. However, this book masterfully uses a deceptively simple, heart-warming story-telling style to assist the reader absorb complex material so by the end of the book one feels motivated to begin his/her entpreneurial project.

Review by: Dermot Hennessyon Aug. 04, 2011 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview
I very much enjoyed reading this little book as it was very easy to follow. The Millie and Matthew characters made it a fun experience too and helped turn what can be a dry subject into something that was very interesting and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Review by: Enda Brennan on Aug. 03, 2011 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview                        
What a great little book! It's packed full of information useful to anybody starting a new business, considering a new direction for their existing business or simply taking stock of their current position. Jargon free and written in Plain English, every page packs a punch. Delightfully told as a tale of two entrepreneurial mice who following redundancy from their jobs at the local factory, set about the task of establishing their new retail business "The Cheese Mall". A great step by step guide for any entrepreneur, with each step being immediately convertible to action, and apart from that , a charming read.

Review by: Ann Cully on July 31, 2011 : ReviewReviewReviewReviewReview

"This book is a very enjoyable read. The author managed to convey a step by step guide to starting your own business and she successfully cut through all the jargon. At the same time it gives the reader all the information needed to start a business and the strength of this book is in its simplicity. It is a perfect introduction and blueprint of the way foreward for an entrepreneur's journey. You will find the fundamentals of marketing sraightforward and the advice invaluable.


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