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Success Insights® 360 Degree Survey

One of the best ways to help an individual grow, develop and become more productive is to let them “see themselves” through the eyes of others.  This system is designed to help the individual receive confidential feedback on several important practices.  This helps the individual to learn what they are currently doing effectively and what practices need development.

The survey is undertaken in a structured manner, using professionally designed questionnaires in a format designed to elicit essential information necessary for profile analysis.

How does it Work?

A representative group of boss, self, staff, peers and others is usually used in the process.  This gives the person the unique opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of others.

The Competency 360 Degree Feedback Suite has combined many features making it the most user friendly 360 Degree on the market.

What My Clients Say

Bernie is a hugely committed and qualified professional with an outstanding track record that speaks for itself. If you or your company are looking for someone who can make a real difference

Allan Shine, CEO, North Kildare Chamber of Commerce

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