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Excellence Through People

We are registered with FAS as one of their Business Advisor for Excellence Through People which is the National Human Resource Management Standard in Ireland.   

Since its development, the Standard has grown in popularity with industry, both services and manufacturing sectors and also public sector organisations.  Excellence Through People provides a recognised framework for organisations to enhance performance and realise strategies through the management and development of their people.  The focus of the Standard is to get organisations to look at their people as a key source of competitive advantage.

Excellence Through People is the only quality standard dedicated to the role of people and their impact on business.  Excellence Through People is available to all organisations, regardless of size or sector.  More than 700 organisations in Ireland use the Excellence Through People Roadmap to business improvement.

The two main objectives to the standard are:

  • To act as a business improvement tool as well as being a driver for change and innovation;
  • To promote employee learning, development and involvement in line with the organisation’s goals.

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