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Success Insights® Assessment

Behavioural research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand and are aware of both their strengths and weaknesses so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment. 

Once a person has developed a heightened awareness of their behaviour, they can become more involved in their own development and look for ways to continuously improve their performance, motivation and job satisfaction. Understanding oneself is the foundation behind developing a continual improvement process.

Behavioural assessments are designed to help individuals attain a greater knowledge of themselves as well as others. The ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between success and failure. Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of oneself. The Success Insights® behavioural reports lead to this increased self-awareness.

The right guidance and direction often spells the difference between success and failure of employees, a team and an organization. People are unique and must be managed, coached and supported in a way that capitalizes on their uniqueness. The Success Insights® assessments are designed to identify an employee's individual strengths and possible limitations and to assist managers and supervisors in developing an action plan for increasing employee productivity and overall team and organisational effectiveness.

Completing the questionnaire for the Success Insights® analysis could not be easier through access via our Internet Delivery System.   The questionnaires are designed to give a personalised report using the latest e-business technology. 

Please click on the link to view sample Success Insights® profile.

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I can highly recommend Bernie as a trainer facilitator and as a coach. I hope that we have the opportunity to work together again soon.....

Matt Walsh, Associate Director HR, Pfizer Grange Castle

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