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Selling Skills Training

In-house sales course - selling training

Research shows that selling is 85% emotional and 15% logical.  In sales parlance this means that people buy benefits (85%) rather than features (15%).  Building relationships is the key and it is widely recognised and accepted in selling that people buy people and not products.  Just think about this for a moment.  How many times have you bought something from someone you did not like?

To be a great salesperson and to sell effectively is more about ‘who you are’ rather than ‘what you are selling’. Therefore, if you want to sell more you need to take a broader view of the sales process. This in-house sales course does just that as it takes an innovative approach to sales training as it provides you and your sales team with an understanding of themselves and your customers During the programme,  I will coach your sales team to work on their strengths and sharpen their selling skills in order to survive out there in the market place and help them to close the sale with more confidence.

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We would highly recommend Bernie to anyone looking to learn new skills in sales or just looking to refresh their skills.

John Kehoe, PQMS Limited

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In-House Training

Are you looking for mentoring support for your marketing team, techniques in selling for your sales teams or coaching skills training for your managers?

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